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I am Gretchen, mature, sexy, defiant, erotic, psychotic and hilarious. Yeah,  I am a hot mess. LOL  Wickedly funny and ready to play.  I think I will begin by introducing my self.  
I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I am over 50. I am outspoken, demanding and sometimes just down right cruel.  I try not to hurt feelings on purpose but I say what I think.  You will not have to ask, or wonder if I approve. If I don't approve of something I will tell you. So yes, I guess you have figured out I am a little dominant.  Now don't get scared off, I won't bite, unless you like that. (wink) I know how to play nice and sweet but I can not ever play submissive or victim.  Been there done that, never going back.
  I am lucky enough to work from home so I am here a lot but if you ever call and I am not here give it about 10 minutes and try me again. 
I talk about a wide variety of things.  I am married but my husband and I did some swinging type play early on in our marriage. It was exciting for both of us.   My husband is not a wimpy man but he does like my dominant side. I have some experiences with BDSM Fetish and some of the toys that go with that lifestyle.
I am a mother so I will do mommy calls but I have some rules with it. One we both have to like the fantasy. I do not want to do rape or kiddy calls.  There is a big difference in my mind from you calling me Mommy, to me molesting a young boy.  So don't make me go ewwww, gross.  But do call if you like an older woman, mommy or granny to teach you about sex. I can do edging and loving relationship Mommy. I love those, like the adult babies, what an exciting fantasy. I love being a nursing mommy. 

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 Gretchen   (610) 616-5635
$1.50 a minute  10 minute minimum
*Special: 60 minutes $75.00*

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There are a lot more things I talk about or that I am into ... some are listed but explained on the next page, just click enter and enjoy.
Must be over 21 to do calls with Granny.

ABDL Anal Sex Babysitter Ball Busting
Blow job Bukakke Bondage CBT
Tease and Denial Cougar Cum Eating Humiliation
Dominatrix Edge Play Femdom Feminization
Financial Domination Foot Fetish Gang Band GFE
Glory hole Guided Masturbation Housewife Ingore
Nasty Neighbors Mature MILF GILF
Orgasm Control Panty Boy Role Plays Sissy
Spanking Torture Verbal Abuse Voyeurism
Saggy Tits/Old Pussy CFNM Discipline Fetish
Giantess Lingerie & Stockings Oral Sex Slave Boy






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